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Low calorie energy boosting components that get you through the day!

It’s almost impossible to deny that we go through our days without snacking on drinks and munchies.

Staying indoors at work, or at home during the weekends can make us lazy and in desperate need to keep our stomachs full and ourselves content.

Another cause of hunger are the heavily taxing and long working days. These often cause an adoption of a horrible eating habit, and well, it’s understandable.

No worries, in this short article you will learn about various tricks and methods to lead a healthier and improved nutritious regime, at the same time keeping one more active and energetic throughout the day!

First off, we must identify what are these elements that can lead to weight gain and feelings of weariness?

There are two major factors that can lead one to become tired and fatigued. Namely, the components of foods and meal-timings. Food sources heavy with complex carbohydrates can cause such signs, often leading to a descent in optimal working abilities. These foods include-

  • Sugary treats and desserts

  • Pasta

  • Milk

  • Rice

There can be many other such factors that we suggest should be avoided, but the relevance of this piece is to guide you to a healthier daily lifestyle.

Thus, we come to the next aspect of great importance- meal timings. These regulate our body cycles in various aspects, most importantly it can produce high levels of serotonin in the body influencing our moods, feelings and even sleepiness!

Health tips

The most important question is how to eat healthy AND avoid this, well it’s pretty simple. A few steps, changes to the diet and minimal exercise goes a long way to get you through the day and make the most of it. Come on now! You can do it!


Seeds such as Chia, Flax and Hemp and are one of many that are delicious crunchy and filling alternative snacks that one should go about. Easily accessible foods such as these are high on fibers and omega 3 fats. These additionally provide the benefit of antioxidant components and proteins.

Undertaken research find certain seeds to contain the essential necessities that reduce blood pressure when eaten on a daily basis for over 3 months. The more the merrier the saying goes!

These can be eaten whenever one feels hungry in-between meals, in the morning with breakfast or as a light fixed snack on the daily.

Lignans are also found in this variety of seeds, that help decrease the cholesterol and risks that are associated with heart disease and cancer.


More than often, we order sugary and/or fizzy refreshments to curb our desire of something sweet.

Why not try out smoothies? A mixture of fruits that is pureed and further matched with yogurt that is exploding with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for consumption.

Smoothies can be alternatively made with vegetables. This substitute as a drinking selection is like having a meal for a drink that makes your appetite curbed for longer.

These thick, delicious shake like beverages can be made with recipes of your choice. Sweet? Or Salty? You decide!

Now It’s even available online for delivery to your doorstep, making it easier to order either when you’re at work or at home.

You can find other such smoothie options, that have low calories, sugar content and beneficial health advantages on the Bunkerfit app.


We all are raised with the impression that fruits remain very good for health, but the reality is some of them should be had on occasion rather than as a snack. The truth is that many fruits have medical implementations, however the high calorific index in these can be very consequential.

These include-

  • Dates

  • Prunes

  • Avocados

  • Raisins

However, there are alternative selections of other fruits that are very good to pursue.

Apples- We’ve all heard the phrase- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, that’s true, but it works for appetite too! these are nutrient packed powerhouses that come in different varieties. The fiber alone in apples have health benefits such as weight loss, reducing the risk of cancer and the chances of Type 2 diabetes.

Grapefruit- These tropical citrus fruits are low on calories and high on nutritional values despite being very sweet! A perfect way to satisfy that sweet tooth at random times during the day while maintaining a healthier regime. They house significant amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These are the few small tricks and tips to overcome that appetite in a sustainable manner and time allow many nutritional health benefits to sneak its way into your daily lifestyle.

While consistently filling up on other such foods, there will no doubt be changes on the positive horizon, things will take a turn!

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