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Your Fitness Trip Begins Here

Welcome to 2022, a year that promises hope, salvation, and progress. A new beginning, a reset of your lifestyle.  Your lifestyle reset is induced by a desire to be healthier, fitter and stronger. To be the best version of yourself.

And that’s exactly what BunkerFit offers you. Whether you are a couch potato, a newbie, or a gym bod, your fitness trip begins when you download the BunkerFit app. It's free to download, and within, you will find a host of training and nutrition options to get you started on this journey.

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Train - Look in the mirror;
That's your competition.

Our training modules have been specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, whether they are fat loss, increased strength, holistic wellness, or something else. We will hold your hand and be your partners on this journey, with workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. The fitness modules, which include warm-up and cool-down options, allow you to work out at your preferred time, in your preferred location, and your preferred language!!
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Meal - You are what you eat!

Our philosophy at BunkerFit is that of holistic wellness. We believe that working out is as important as your food intake. Now now, don’t get us wrong, we are not asking you to go on a diet. We simply bring you delicious, easy-to-make recipes that also happen to be good for your health! Browse our well-stocked library and find your food fix. That’s not all. You can also share your creations with the community and provide feedback to those who are doing the same. So jump right in, download the free app, and let's get cooking good-looking! 
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Yoga - A good day begins with yoga.

Yoga is a great way to bring your body & mind in sync. Whilst the physical benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, weight reduction, and a lot more, the mental benefits of yoga include primarily managing stress. Stress can reveal itself in many ways, including back or neck pain, sleeping problems, headaches, and an inability to concentrate. Regular practice of yoga can help alleviate all of these. And now on BunkerFit, you can find a range of yoga modules that can help you reclaim your fitness. From Yoga for the Corporate Worker to Restorative Yoga that can help with Sciatica, knee pain, etc., there is a wide range to choose from.

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Mind - The perfect time to practice Mindfulness is now

Mindfulness is simply an in-the-moment awareness of your being, without judgment. The ability to bring all your focus to where you are in one specific timeframe. Science has proved that the ability to be mindful goes a long way in helping you deal with emotional turmoil, stress, & negativity, as well as helps in boosting memory! Our Mindfulness section on BunkerFit focuses on two aspects: Meditation (helping you reduce stress and anxiety, and find the motivation to deal with life, loss, and myriad troubles); and Sleep (helping you find your way into a deep, blissful, relaxing sleep). Through breathing techniques, affirmations, and motivational therapy, we bring you a variety of curated modules to help you evolve on this journey.
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Run - The pain of running relieves pain of living.

The 5th pillar of BunkerFit ensures that if cardio is what you are after, you get plenty of it! Our GPS records your run, and our analytics lets you see the distance, time, pace, speed, and geolocation of your run. Whether you are a proficient runner or a beginner, the running section helps you build both stamina and strength. Not only that, find warm-up and cool-down workouts especially curated for you, add deep stretching on your rest days to your schedule, and in no time, you will see the difference yourself.

Fall in love with
taking care


Why Must You Use BunkerFit?

Well, why shouldn't you? It's a top-tier health and wellness app that's completely free and offers a multitude of choices. What's the best part? With a variety of language alternatives, you can select

your preference!!

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All in one

Instead of paying a subscription for a variety of apps, replace them all with just this one that brings you training, meals, yoga, mindfulness, and so much more!

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Currently available in English, Hindi, Tamil, &Telugu, BunkerFit puts your choice of language firmly in your hands.

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Our unique business model allows our users to consume all our content available on BunkerFit at absolutely zero cost to them.

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The Science Of Fitness

What is as important as following a fit lifestyle is tracking that lifestyle. How does a workout impact your body? Did the meal have the right quantity of nutrients? What should be your daily calorie intake? How many calories are you burning in a workout?


These and more questions come together to answer the holy grail of fitness questions – how do I become fitter and healthier?


At BunkerFit, our mad scientists ensure that these are questions you won't need to be asking anymore. With multiple data tracking options, we offer a state-of-the-art dashboard customised for every person who uses the app. At your fingertips are metrics that allow you to see your progress and track it daily.

Where To Do It?

Our workouts are curated to take you on a fantastic fitness journey no matter where you are. With options of body weight as well as equipment-based workouts, you have complete control over what your workout choice each day should be.

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Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Get started with unlimited free workouts.

Anytime. Anywhere.

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