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Benefits and significance of KETO diets

There are many of us who are inspired to make changes to our lifestyle, wanting to become more active, fit and able to do more.

At times, obstacles such as our dies and eating habits hold us. A long history of sugar and poor choices can cause problems in everyday life, like not being able to perform well in physical activities.

Changes like these require you to focus and get motivated to overcome every obstacle between them and their goals.

At times, because of pursuing high amounts of fat producing meals for years, individuals make themselves susceptible to many risks- health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and even death. That being just the tip of the iceberg.

However, if you are looking to change your regime, Keto diets are the best possible methods to assert yourself into a healthier and life changing decision. Bunkerfit offers you amazing diet plans, exercise regimes of varying intensity and even access to sources to guide you through it all!

To first understand what this change encompasses, we must understand- What is a keto diet?

Also called ‘ketogenic diets’, these are a high fat and low carb diet. The process involves an extreme reduction in carbohydrates, which leads to the body burning fat storages to gain energy and lead to weight loss.

The diet allows a hormone called ‘insulin’- that uses glucose in the body for energy to target the fat storages and exhaust them rather than the food intake. This process is called ‘Ketosis’.

Now that you have gained an idea about what Keto Diets are, also understand the major benefits behind pursuing this drastic change in your diet.

Weight loss is the obvious benefit that is a result of dedication to eating healthy foods that are high in proteins and nourishing fats.

The hunger stimulating hormones are not as active as they were before, reducing your appetite and weight at the same time!

This regime is more efficient in reducing the same than most low diets as well, allowing a better result in the same amount of time.

Even appearance of acne is greatly improved as research has shown that symptoms associated with the same are reduced in a few people. This is because of the sugar intake before which produces high levels of glucose present in the body- causing inflammation.

Carbohydrates modify the stability of gut bacteria that eventually lead to skin problems!

Did you know? Keto diets cause a strain on cancer cells. This allows them to die out. Thus, it is said that Keto diets are better to pursue in those individuals that have certain cancers.

How do we know if the Keto diet is working?

It can get quite frustrating to wait for us to determine whether the diet is having any changes, often this takes time. However below are a few symptoms that can help you determine the realization of keto diets-

Thirst- Due to the water loss in the body, individuals may feel an increased amount of thirst. This is because earlier, higher levels of blood-sugar caused the kidney to hold on to water and sodium.

Now that the carbohydrates have greatly decreased, the water is no longer needed!

Fatigue is another symptom of the intensive process. The existence of dehydration sustains in the body as the carb intake reduces and the body produces insulin to target glycogen storages. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to factor this as it can have a toll.

There is a reduced amount of energy as posed to before, which is completely normal and only a short-term and temporary symptom. As the body has to shift to finding another source of energy from glucose to ketones, you will be back at earlier performance level and will improve.

As earlier mentioned, the appetite of the individual will also reduce, being able to go on feeling less hungry in-between meal timings and further, you will be able to not feel hunger for long periods of times as opposed to before as well!

A keto diet is intensive at first, but with time the amount of energy and dedication that we at bunkerfit are sure you have, will no doubt allow you to reach your goal on the weighing scale and attain you desired performance levels. Only you can make a difference!

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