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Intermittent Fasting!

Fitness has become an economy of its’ own these past few years. Individuals make valuable contributions to great ideas on health, nutrition and fitness lovers through social media, and in a short amount of time- these take over the world.

Millions follow regimes that may be simple or complex, and are willing to put themselves through whichever means they are comfortable with to discover the outcome of the same.

One such trend in the fitness world is called intermittent fasting.

Recommended by doctors, this process can be undertaken by anyone at any time. Fasting of this sort, has many benefits and amazing visible outcomes.

Welcome to one such guide, that takes you through essentially what intermittent fasting is.

As the name suggests, the method acquires a period of ‘fasting’, a set space between which eating is prohibited.

Furthermore, Intermittent fasting may be done through varying ways...

Which is of course dependent on the intensity one is comfortable undertaking; they are as follows;


The 16:8 method, where you fast for 16 hours straight and eat after that for the remaining time period that completes the 24-hour cycle.

The 24 hours method, where individuals fast for the complete day, not eating at all on simultaneous days in the week. WOW!

However, during the fasting periods, beverages such as green tea, tea and water or even black coffee can be consumed, as long as they are free of calories!

There are other methods of this diet that can be undertaken with references to the overall procedure present on the bunkerfit app!

However, even during the eating periods, certain rules should be followed as general guidelines. The whole reason for performing intermittent fasting is to lose weight and manage it in a healthy fashion.

For example, after the 16- or 24-hour fasting periods, carry on your eating as you would do on a normal one. Don’t compensate by overeating more as it has no effect on the result of the entire process.

An additional benefit is the simplicity it guarantees, the reduction of eating makes it easier in general as no cooking nor preparation is required for future consumption.

However, if one has some form of health problems that go against this regime that can be considered difficult for some, medical consultancy should be undertaken to avoid any risks that pose a direct threat to your health and psychological well-being.

What is the science behind intermittent fasting?

Did you know? When you undertake this process, your body produces an astoundingly increased amount of growth hormones. Nearly exceeding the normal growth rate by four times.

Weight loss is another outcome that motivates most to undertake fasting of the sort. Due to the fast, time effective and amazing results provided, individuals sometimes prefer the strain over diet plans that take exponentially longer durations to complete.

Metabolism refers to the process through which the body converts the consumed foods into energy, this process is provided with benefit when taking fasting measures due to the increased attendance of hormones.

Further, this naturally reduces the amounts of calorie we all take during our meals, enabling and accelerating weight loss.

Diabetics should also take up this process, insulin sensitivity progresses dramatically.

Insulin sensitivity refers to the sensitivity of the body to the effects of Insulin. Which at times can be very dangerous and cause complications such as hypoglycemia.

One main point of fasting is cellular repair or regeneration, where the body removes those elements of the body that are not working efficiently.

This enables healing at a rapid pace and is ultimately a great benefit to the overall process.

Essentially, even belly fat reduction has been noted through the process, belly fat has been known to be a PREVENTING many diseases and problems!

These include-

Cancer prevention- Through research, it has been said that intermittent methods of fasting have been known to prevent causing cancer due to the subsequent benefits it provides.

A natural method to look younger and been known to extend life expectancy in subjects under research. However, it is not determined to be the same in the case of human beings.

Other doubts or inquiries related to meals and beverages to consume after the intermittent fasting period for best results can be viewed on the bunkerfit app.

The combined effort of your body and mind, can take you to places and over obstacles that may even surprise you. A little bit of determination and exertion to a better health status doesn’t seem too difficult, and when you have the will, you have a way!

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