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5 Mistakes That Can Stop Your Fitness Progress

Your abs aren’t defined that much, you don’t feel stronger, your arms are still the same measurement, well we all have been there.

Not seeing enough or desired progress can make you lose motivation like no other. So why does this happen? You are still doing everything that contributes to your progress, a good routine, a balanced diet and even a morning run.

However, many of us ignore the minor issues that may be causing hindrance to our progress. With that being said, there are no mistakes that cannot be corrected, so here at BunkerFit, we will give you the solutions that can help you get back on track towards getting the desired result.

So no more waiting, here are few things to avoid so that you get the desired fitness progress quickly-

1. Quantity Over Quality

Be it in diet, training, or reps you are doing, never choose quantity over quality. Everybody is different and reacts to different levels of reps and amounts of nutrition. Don’t go overboard in your first week of exercise thinking that the desired result will be quick. Concentrate on your form and mind while getting to the end of this fitness journey.

2. Rest it out

Sometimes less is more. Don’t sweat it too much, you need to rest and give your body time to accept and change. There is a common misconception that the more workout you do, the quicker you see the result. Not taking enough rest days (and sometimes cheat days ?) will result in your not getting to your goal quick enough! Take it easy, breathe it out and make fitness your happy place.

3. Get Rid Of Distractions

Now, junk food isn’t only a distraction, when you take 30 minutes to select a playlist you waste your time, when you hinder your sleeping schedule for TV, that is a distraction. So to make your run away from the distractions, we at BunkerFit have curated ideal music for the workouts and mindfulness sessions. However try to put the phone down, focus on your workout, press airplane mode or DND while sleeping if you have to.

4. Ignoring Your Food

Not eating enough whilst trying to lose weight is the best example of not getting nutrition. Similarly, consuming less amount of food or even skipping it sometimes. It is a well-proven fact that skipping meals or avoiding the calories altogether, will not make you thin but weak. You will feel even hungrier at the end of the day after avoiding all the carbs and might end up consuming every other snack in your fridge. The better way to do it is to eat the right food for your body type, try portion control, and drink at least 2-3 liters of water to wash all the toxins away!

5. Doing Too Much Too Soon

Go slow, give your body the time to form new habits. Be in the right headspace first, take mental notes of what type of workout suits you the best. Remember to

warm up before your workout, and cool down after! Your dream body goal isn’t something that takes your sleep away but on the contrary, gives you a good sleep and a happy heart.

Don’t forget, consistency is the key.


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