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Importance of wellness in 2020-2021

The last year has been one of the toughest for the entire planet, we’ve seen extreme changes in every aspect of human interaction and behavior.

Even everyday activities took a sharp turn as the coronavirus stood over the earth, schools shut down, universities came to a halt and all offices and physical workplaces were abandoned.

However, there was a great learning- many of us were now stuck at home, unable to go out in order to pursue our normal physical activities and were forced to take necessary precautions for obvious reasons.

Safe to say, the whole fitness industry and our domestic dynamics of exercising and maintaining our health had to undergo a change, we were obligated to make use of everyday equipment and minimal resources in whichever way possible to aid our workout regimes.

The world realized the importance of fitness and self-motivation inside the house, as it did before the coronavirus ever came. It was our responsibility and still is, to stay in shape and maintain internal balance.

Why is it important to be healthy specially now?

Many facilities have opened up once again, but there are necessary precautions that may halt us from still using them.

Going to the gym at normal times as one had gone earlier may not work anymore because of strict timings that the facilities stay open- and can result in overcrowding- a breeding ground for germs, infections and you guessed it- the virus.

So, the fear of this can lead us to abstain from going to our place of working out- and well, staying at home and working out inside rooms can get really demotivating.

However, we must internally channelize and recognize the importance of being healthy- there are no excuses.

As most of us are aware, exercise leads to the release of our physical and mental tensions. The release of these is vital for our mental health and every day functioning in a sound manner.

Daily exercising improves the immunity system, strengthening and guaranteeing that we can ward off infections and diseases. Most individuals who really should take up even minimal amounts of physical exertion are diabetics and those in old age who are more easily exposed to potentially life-threatening infections and risks.

Nutrition should always be in check, our physiques need only a certain number of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Overconsumption will only lead to obesity and improper eating habits.

If staying home and eating in an imbalance is consistently carried on, then this could prove very risky and dangerous for all of us, so even if doing yoga and running up and down the stairs is possible, do it.

HIIT and yoga exercises can always be done in enclosed areas, these burn calories at a significant rate and provide countless health benefits- routines and schedules for the same can be accessed on the bunkerfit app!

Basic exercises- push-ups, crunches, on the spot running and other such measures can be undertaken while still in the room too!

Diet plans are another way to cut out methods of gaining weight- intermittent fasting is one such plan which ensures a significant calorie deficit; however, it is extreme but can be efficiently carried off.

How? Due to the lack of movement and going to the gym, one can more easily carry it off and see amazing results. This is because your energy levels are still relatively well maintained due to the minimal exercise.

Getting a good amount of rest and sleeping is another method of staying healthy. Sleep may not seem so important, but research has shown that this is a period of recovery, not just for the body, but brain also.

Drink water more than anything, hydration through having excess water is the way to go about it. Otherwise, one tends to drink sugary and carbonated alternatives that cause many health risks. Sodas can make one lazy and drowsy, without exercising- having these drinks can be heavily devastating.

The result of certain strict conditions can have unmeasurable impacts on the body. We suggest that if not through physical exercise, then daily practices such as eating habits and drinking- should be compensated in such a way that it does not have an adverse impact on your body.

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