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Falling in love with super foods!

There are many food items that make their way into our everyday diets because of the healthy and nutritional benefits that they possess or either because of certain diet plans that we choose to follow.

This article talks about certain food items that do so- it will help you not only understand the nature of the advantages, but invoke many methods through which individuals can turn their lifestyles around.

At times, without recognition we decide to ignore the most important vegetables and fruits in the supermarket.

Instead, we choose alternatively healthy options which have a lesser number of benefits for our overall health.

Why not eat smarter than we already do? There’s no reason we should not maximize the resources around.

In particular, this refers to SUPERFOODS!

What are superfoods?

A term less commonly used term for a select number of ingredients, refers to a group of the most high carrying anti-oxidants and heavy in nutritional value. At the same time, these foods tend to have less calories while providing flavonoids to satisfy one’s taste buds to the maximum.

Amazing right? Well, that’s not it- there are a number of other benefits that this group of foods carry-

Though most vegetables enable us to prevent gaining certain diseases while providing a means to ward off other illnesses, superfoods also have the capability of ensuring that our weight is maintained at a healthy level.

While, they keep us energetic through the multiple and essential vitamins, nutrients such as proteins and fibers they provide.

Even physical appearance seems to be improved with these food- they are known to improve acne conditions, maintaining and improving our hygiene.

You could say Superfoods are ingredients with super powers! And who doesn’t want those?

What are some examples of superfoods?

-Berries are some of the most easily accessible, yet overlooked superfoods that are stacked in the local supermarket.

Photo by Cecilia Par on Unsplash

Acai berries and blue berries for example, house a number of valuable amino acids, those present in proteins.

Anti-oxidants, as earlier mentioned are valuable elements that play a major role in protection of cells in cases of cancer and also have a note-worthy function in the metabolism of the body!

You can find valuable means to sneak these berries and other superfoods into your everyday diet on the Bunkerfit app, which offers many selections of dishes, natural juices and appetizers! Choose your pick!

Even Tea is classified as a superfood, these have a very advantageous means to anti-inflammatory properties.

Just like berries, tea also provides means to fight off cancer cells, as well as anti-oxidants.


Yes, the fish that everybody loves eating, and is a favorite among the masses also has superfood qualities. Fish possess omega 3s that protect against heart defects that may rise.

Superfoods can be identified with their color, adding these naturally colored selections essentially mean that the level of anti-oxidants are high in those foods too. Add beets and barley to your meals as a recommendation!

Basic ingredients such as garlic and turmeric are also superfoods that are starting to gain notoriety. A meal can easily be modified as an excuse to incorporate these two life changers, providing a number of indeterminable health benefits.

These are natural probiotics, further housing a vast number of vitamins and nutrients.

Methods to incorporate superfoods to everyday favorite consumables-

  1. Adding berries to oatmeal or breakfast meals. These can be had just as natural mouth sweeteners or be converted into homemade jams.

  2. Having green tea every day.

  3. Indian households use a large number of spices when cooking, make turmeric and garlic a readily available source of flavor and healthy nutritional sources.

  4. Eating salmon occasionally can act as a change of pace in meals, and can be used instead of other non-vegetarian sources of proteins.

However, these should be had in moderation rather than in excess. Superfoods have been known to cause complications with medication and even trigger certain side effects due to a change in diet and nutrient absorption by the body.

Berries can have a high number of sugar content, eating in excess can cause spikes of insulin production due to fructose.

Along with superfoods, diet and exercise is necessary to provide the best results and maintain the ideal health conditions. Superfoods guarantee staying in shape and staying safe!

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