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BUNKERCARE is not just a holistic employee wellness programme. It is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, thousands of surveys, and hundreds of thousands of individual feedback. BUNKERCARE has been put together to help each one of your employees work towards a mind & body balance and help them build a deeper connect with each other and the organisation. Today's world has seen a complete upheavel in how we take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and how we engage at our workplace.

We aim at helping organisations ensure their employees have an identified path to an active lifestyle. This means starting from a preventive perspective and not a curative one. Making small changes in your life TODAY can have a big impact TOMORROW. 

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A state of the art, integrated, holistic app that offers each user a diverse range of activities to choose from. With segments dedicated to Training (Cardio, Strength, Tabata, HIIT, Warm Up etc), Yoga ( Hatha, Vinyasa, Face Yoga, Partner Yoga, Restorative ), Mind (Guided Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Sleep Help, Affirmations, Motivation) Running ( Recovery Workouts, Guided Running, Strength for Runners) & Meal (Low Fat, High Protein, Quick Fix, Meal In a Bowl, Healthy Desserts) It is virtually 5 apps in one that you get!


A customisable dashboard that prioritises your organisation. At the click of a button you can generate realtime analysis, reposts, graphs and charts- all showing you the past, and the current health of your employees. This is not all, you also have the option of getting data sliced according to locations, departments, and a lot more, allowing you a deep insight into pockets of wellness that can be replicated as best practice across the entire organisation.



Well! We're all about choices! After all we are on a mission to #democratisefitness. With us, you get a choice of activities, a choice of languages, a choice of challenges, and a choice of rewards that you can offer.


We all love to play games, especially games that give us rewards. At BUNKERCARE, we understand that. This is why our solution comes packed with gamification. There are badges to be earned, levels to be climbed, rewards that you get at the end of challenges, and a lot more. With points that you earn for every activity, there is no limit to what you can achieve!



In this post-pandemic world, the one thing we are missing terribly is the water cooler moments, the smoke breaks, the lunch gossip, and a lot more, which keep us attached to our work outside of our core jobs." We understand that some of them are difficult to replicate when you are working from home, but for what can be brought online, you will find it on BUNKERCARE by BunkerFit. social feeds to share, challenge-related feeds to egg our team members on, or boo the competition. Whatever you wish to do, it's there for you!

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Mental & Physical health are both equally important. Helps employees work towards improving both.

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Helps connect employees and the organisation at large.

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Healthier employees are more productive. Not only is the impact personal but also relevant to the enterprise.



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